Who’s Your Best Friend!

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Master Sportsman feature by Edgar Pierce

If someone asked you, “Who’s your best friend,” how would you answer? I am not sure I could answer it in a single word or individual name. “Best friend,” is a term that can have a great variety of meanings. Best friends at work, at church, or at play are not often the same in name or focus. We build working friendships at work for the sake of the job. We build them at church often in a controlled Christian environment. The friendships fostered in the woods, on lakes and along rivers we find often become the strongest ones.

I suggest when we can blend work, church and play together we can build a strong friendship that can make a difference in both lives.  When we can work with friends, worship and hunt then the friendships cannot help but deepen. I suggest this is for the following reasons:

 ·      Friendships develop when men share the same experiences and interest.

·       Friendships deepen when time is spent together.

·       Using friendships at work to involve them in hunting can give you a great avenue to make a spiritual impact on the friend.

·       Men will trust Christ when they see your example and trust you as a friend.

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