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When sportsmen get together, especially big game hunters, their discussion often leads to the question, “Is your name in the Record Book?” Many outdoorsmen will invest a lifetime in pursuit of having their names recorded in such books as the Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young registries. It has been said that the probability of such an honor is at least one in a million.


F – Friends through Fellowship
I – Interest around Common Goals
R – Relationships that are built to last
E – Evangelize as God Opens the Door


When sportsmen get together, especially big game hunters, their discussion often leads to the question, “Is your name in the Record Book?” Many outdoorsmen will invest a lifetime in pursuit of having their names recorded in such books as the Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young registries. It has been said that the probability of such an honor is at least one in a million.

The Christian life describes yet another record book, which is vastly more critical to the sportsman, called The Record Book of Life. The honor of having your name recorded in this ultimate registry far surpasses all the trophies and accolades that a sportsman could ever hope for or imagine. The opportunity of having your name placed in this record book is extended to everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 2:21)

What is it with sportsmen that will inspire them to invest valuable time and energy in fishing the backwaters of Alaska’s Yukon River along the Kateel River in pursuit of trophy King Salmon or Rainbow Trout? Why would a big game hunter travel 5,000 miles from home to track trophy moose or grizzly bear then return three weeks later and several thousands of dollars lighter? And what of the avid trap shooter who travels the tournament circuit for several months with the goal of achieving the highest score among his fellow shooting sports enthusiasts. Passion motivates sportsmen in their desire to score the trophies of their life’s ambition. And without question, heartfelt passion is the true mark of any and every sportsman.

The definition of a trophy is “something gained in victory or conquest, especially when preserved or mounted as a memorial”. The Apostle Paul states in Romans 8:37 that as Christian sportsmen, “ … we are more than conquerors” through the love of Jesus Christ.

As Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus triumphed over death, hell and the grave when He died a criminal’s crucifixion on the cross at Calvary, then was buried and subsequently came back to life. He passionately suffered for the sin of the world and now provides the only life-changing remedy for man’s restoration to fellowship with God the Father. When God sent his one and only son into this world, our eternal destiny was won and now we can become a Trophy of His Grace.

Just as the true mark of a sportsman is passion, the true mark of a Christian is passion. The definition of passion might be best understood as an overwhelming and sustained desire to accomplish a preset goal in life. Webster’s dictionary is more to the point in describing passion as that interval of time between the Last Supper and the resurrection when Christ suffered for the sins of the world. When considering the term “Christian Sportsman”, it is vital that we understand that the two words are not mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, the Bible states that God passionately desires for all sportsmen to become Christians. (1 Tim. 2:3-4)
“This is good and pleases God our savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth”


Before the foundations of the world God designed a perfect plan by which He would passionately pursue man to become the Trophy of His Grace. Conversely, God desires that a Christian sportsman passionately pursue a growing relationship with Him. Just as the sportsman becomes proficient in utilizing the necessary gear, tools and equipment in pursuit of outdoors adventure, the Christian must understand his need to walk by faith in God’s grace as he charts a new course for life. Life’s Christian adventure requires that we discover the fully guided and outfitted provision supplied by our heavenly Father. God now gives each of us an opportunity to pursue a deeper knowledge and understanding of this “Grace Walk” found in a growing personal relationship with Him. Our fully guided and outfitted adventure is equipped with the following provisions:

– A Reliable Guide – Jesus is leading the way. He understands man’s sinful nature and continues to forgive us from our sins and leads us along the straight path to find the right markers along the trail.

– A Navigational Map – The Bible addresses every concern life may encounter. The inspired teachings of Holy Scripture help us to understand the geographical layout of every challenge of life’s adventurous Grace Walk.

– Traveling Companions – Travel companions not only make Christian adventure more enjoyable but can also provide accountability to keep us true to an authentic Christian lifestyle. The local church serves in this role.

– An Ultimate Destination – Heaven is the ultimate destination for every Christian, God’s very own trophy showcase. Sportsmen are goal oriented and can know with certainty that God has an ultimate reward for His faithful followers.

As Trophies of Grace in route to an adventuresome lifestyle, Christian sportsmen serve as examples to others, demonstrating that the life-changing message of Christ’s redemption is not only attainable but also available to all sportsmen.


Many sportsmen are plain spoken and prefer to be told the truth in a straightforward and direct manner. God loves and accepts you just as you are. He has a plan and a purpose for your life. He has provided a trustworthy and reliable guide (Jesus). He has given us the complete navigational map (Bible). Our traveling companions (local church) are provided to assist us in becoming seasoned Christian sportsmen in applying our skills and talents to helping others. Lastly, God’s great outdoors never ends. The destination (Heaven) for Christian sportsmen as God’s Trophies of Grace is only just the beginning of our eternal adventure with the Creator and sovereign God of the universe.

Your travel to adventure as a Christian sportsman can begin today. Very simply, by faith ask God to hear your prayer.

“Father God, I acknowledge my need for you and ask you to place my name in the Record Book of Life. I confess my sin of self-sufficiency and unbelief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of my life. I now repent and turn from my self-centered thinking that separates me from knowing you. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died for my sins and has forgiven me. By faith I receive your love and provision to live for you and follow your teachings to become a Trophy of Grace.”

Please call our Christian Sportsmen’s Prayer Line at 800.772.6115 to record your decision. As a resource team CSF can assist your family in finding a local church. We would also like to introduce you to other Christian sportsmen of like faith and passion through our international network of local church-based chapters.


Chapter Leadership Training Introduction

This leadership training publication has been prepared for the purpose of helping church leaders to encourage, empower then engage Christian sportsmen in developing a viable men’s outreach to sportsmen. Relevant men’s ministry events and projects provide the basis for fellowship where growth occurs around common passions which then lead to long term friendships. Used as a personal or group devotional, chapter leaders have found the F.I.R.E. Publication to be very helpful in understanding the sportsmen’s central role in fulfilling the Great Commission. As sportsmen, we can unashamedly utilize our passions for hunting, fishing and target shooting to bring men, women, boys and girls to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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