The Strut and the Rut

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Strut & Rut Resized

by Edgar Pierce

You have seen them, the bachelor groups and flocks of jakes and toms running together. They band together in as close friendship groups as possible, and then…the strut and the rut come in. The spring is filled with gobbles and birds that want to bash the other suitors of the hens heads in. The fall is filled with rattling horns and shoving matches to exert dominance and breeding rights. These males who were running partners just a few weeks and days before now are aggressive toward each other. They do not trust each other.

Fortunately these days do not last long before the strut and rut give way to mutual trust rising again. This trust is built on many factors that we can learn from as men to help us build better trust in our friendships.


  • ·       Mutual strength against the enemy. Ecc 4:12  Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken. NKJV
  • ·       Trust based on common needs, i.e. food, shelter, water for animals. Mutual needs of men are often neglected because many of us will not admit we need other men in our lives. The truth is we need each other.
  • ·       Trust is built as animals are together on a day to day basis. When one buck blows the others flee because they trust the alarm. One thing that many men struggle with is sharing their life with other men. Trust is not realized in an occasional meeting at church or the duck blind but when time is invested over months and years.

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