Seasons of Friendship


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by Edgar Pierce

You have seen them, the bachelor groups and flocks of jakes and toms running together. They band together in as close friendship groups as possible, and then…the strut and the rut come in. The spring is filled with gobbles and birds that want to bash the other suitors of the hens heads in. The fall is filled with rattling horns and shoving matches to exert dominance and breeding rights. These males who were running partners just a few weeks and days before now are aggressive toward each other. They do not trust each other.

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Laughter is a Great Medicine for Friendship

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By Gary Miller

One of the characteristics of a friend is that you can laugh at him and he’ll not take offense. I don’t know how many times I have been shamed by my inability to hit a duck or even a clay target. I’ll look at my gun as if someone has secretly sabotaged it, while my friends are laying on the ground laughing at me while I try to find an excuse for my bad shooting.

  • The ability to laugh at and with one another lightens the atmosphere and sometimes helps the “medicine to go down.”
  • True friends can take the harmless “ribbing” that comes from this closeness
  • Joy does a heart good

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True Friends are Accepting


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Master Sportsman feature by Gary miller

I’m not sure there is a more appealing characteristic of God for men, than that of a friend. Of all the relationships that men can have with other men, there’s no other relationship that exudes a sense of acceptance like the one that comes from a true friend. I can screw up and a friend will still accept me. I can whine and he will listen. I can laugh and even brag and he will both laugh and allow me to wallow in my pride (with limits).

• Calling someone a friend carries an extraordinary amount of encouragement

• Not many bonds come with so much to offer than that of a friend

• Acceptance is a key characteristic of friendship

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