Praying for America’s Great Hunting & Fishing Traditions


 Praying for our Nation’s Great Hunting & Fishing Traditions

Prayer (DEF): Sincere, earnest, personal communication with our Heavenly Father for the purpose of acknowledging His sovereignty in response to our petition, thanksgiving and worship, as the name of Jesus Christ is proclaimed.

Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship is calling sportsmen across America to join us in corporate prayer for fellow outdoorsmen who are involved in one of America’s true success stories. Christian sportsmen are seeking God’s wisdom to more accurately understand biblical truth in perpetuating our great hunting and fishing traditions. What a great platform for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with fellow sportsmen who enjoy the bounty of God’s creation found in pursuing game, fish and fowl.

Yes, America is often enamored with a political agenda which only further motivates God’s remnant in this exceptional nation to remain vigilant in standing for truth as inspired through scripture regarding stewardship, responsible ethics and passing the Christian heritage down to each succeeding generation.

As with any great move of His Spirit, God reveals the impending perils that will inevitably face those of us who are complacent and detached from His divine plans and purpose. The overarching message found in the Bible is God’s desire for man to be conformed to His image, in body, soul and spirit. Most often understood as “Following His Will”, God’s purpose for man is revealed as we walk with Him in the daily routines of our everyday life through a more clear understanding of the following three concepts:

Christian Heritage – Outdoors Conservation – and Responsible Ethics

Our Christian heritage is rich and varied in this nation as the result of the founding of a great constitutional republic based on a democratic process where each and every person has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The first two of these historically embedded, inalienable truths are straight forward. However, the “Pursuit of Happiness” might get a little vague, depending on who is doing the interpreting. Consider the following:

1. The sportsman can pursue happiness by fulfilling his call to pass the Christian heritage down to the next generation while he enjoys outdoors adventures with family and friends. Lifetime bonding is experienced when a father takes his son on his first deer hunt to score a trophy whitetail. The great outdoors provides a prefect backdrop for dialoging with others about God’s creative order. As salt and light we can rest assured that the One who created all that we enjoy while in the woods or on the water will continue to work in and through each of us as salt and light to influence the next generation.

2. Secondly, outdoors conservation is deeply rooted in the biblical command known as stewardship of the natural resources which have been placed on the earth for man’s enjoyment, sustenance and proper management. The sportsman conservationist is careful to leave the wood pile higher than when he arrived and understands the critical importance of remaining vigilant in commitment to the many conservation organizations across the nation. His membership and support of conservation groups can bring essential volunteer resources and funding to the forefront in properly managing game and fish populations. Established regulatory seasons by state governmental agencies together with private trophy management initiatives by conservation organizations has caused wildlife populations to flourish.

3. And lastly, responsible ethics is found throughout biblical teachings as one of the bedrock virtues of the Christian faith especially when it comes to instilling integrity, honesty and trust into the next generation of young sportsman. The ethical sportsman only takes game in season and carefully observes bag and stringer limits. He does what is right even when no one is looking!

The outdoors community is made up of a growing population of hunters, anglers, target shooters, hikers, campers and gun enthusiasts who are pro-active in several distinct categories of sportsmen as follows:

– Second Amendment Rights Groups

– Conservation Organizations

– Industry Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers

– Outfitter & Guides

– Outdoors Ministries

– Local Churches

Why is God calling our nation to corporate prayer, even the specific segment of our population, numbering over 67,000,000 hunters, anglers, target shooters, hikers, campers and gun enthusiasts? God has given sportsmen and their families opportunity to become engaged in their local church for the purpose of connecting with other outdoorsmen who need the gospel.

Understanding the passion found among sportsmen within the outdoors community affords the church a platform for connecting with outdoorsmen in local communities on a real and practical level for building friendships around the great traditions of hunting and fishing.

Please join us in mutually praying for one another and all of those who call on God in the critical times of peril now facing our nation!


Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship serves to encourage, empower and engage Christian sportsmen in effective outdoors ministry by providing resources for the local church to enhance or help launch your men’s group. Call our Headquarters today at 770.772.6749 to learn more!


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