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CSF needs your help in …Bringing Hope to the Next Generation of Alaska’s Youth!

Send Your Church Mission Group to Alaska!

Wild Gourmet Alaska Smoked Salmon
Church Group Fundraiser Campaign
100% of Net Proceeds Invested in Alaska Wilderness Missions

Finally, a very simple and streamlined approach to funding your father/son mission trip to Alaska has arrived!

How does it work?

Enter Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship with a fourteen year proven success record in accommodating church groups in planning, preparation and participation for the purpose of helping sportsmen and their family members travel to Alaska on a mission/construction trip.

What is the plan?

The answer … Wild Gourmet Alaskan Smoked Salmon! That’s right! Delivered directly to your church address securely packaged and preserved to require minimum handling with excellent potential in funding your entire mission project.


Who do we send to Alaska?

Imagine … A dad and his son sharing this mission trip opportunity with friends, neighbors and extended family members who would like to support their vision by purchasing a packaged quantity of the absolute best smoked salmon on the face of the earth.

* Suggested Contribution $19.95 / Sockeye Filet or $59.90 / Sampler Gift Package (Delivered)
Coho (Silver) Salmon Filet ¼ lb. Chinook (King) Salmon Filet ¼ lb. Sockeye (Reds) Salmon Filet ¼ lb. Pacific (Pinks) Salmon Filet ¼ lb.

Great for seasonal gifts! A personal letter from your church’s Alaska Mission team inserted into each box shares the vision for … Bringing Hope to the Next Generation of Alaska’s Youth!

Contact Chris Marley at 770.772.6749 to set up a church account for credit/debit card processing and to learn how your Alaska Mission Team can benefit from this innovative Church FRIENDRAISER Campaign!

Adventure to a Higher Level!

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