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Adventure to a Higher Level!

Reaching the Next Generation of Sportsmen for Jesus Christ!
Thank you for your desire to support the ministry goals and ideals of Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship by joining at one of our SUPPORT Levels:

SUPPORTING Member- $19.92 per month

LIFE Member – $46.67 per month for two years

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Your commitment is critical in helping CSF reach over 67,000,000 hunters, anglers, target shooters and gun enthusiasts across the United States and abroad. You are providing essential funding n support of CSF’s mission to connect with today’s sportsmen and the next generation of newcomers to the outdoors.

Our twenty year track record is providing an excellent return on your investment through the cutting-edge design and delivery of The Christian Sportsman magazine along with several major annual Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfasts and CSF’s Alaska Wilderness Missions Missions involving hundreds of father/son (daughter) teams.

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