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The “first touch” introduction to effective outdoors men’s ministry within a local church can be found in The Christian Sportsman magazine. To facilitate that touch, your core men’s group can specify the names of family members and friends who would probably enjoy reading real life stories about faith, family and friends in the context of outdoor adventure. A growing variety of writers, who are themselves sportsmen, touch on an array of outdoors pursuits from hunting, fishing, or target shooting, to camping and hiking.

A Welcome Letter with a gift subscription to the online digital edition of the publication will be delivered into a friend’s in-box to receive each edition of the magazine on a regular basis.

The periodic publication is chocked full of interesting, thought-provoking stories sure to engage your men’s group in effective outreach to the community … Team Adventure for Your Ultimate Quest!


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(The Welcome Letter below customized to your group will provide a personal invitation to the names submitted by you to CSF Headquarters)

Call today at 770.772.6749 to request your GROUP SIGN UP FORMS!


Fellow Sportsman:

CSF welcomes you to the all-new publication, The Christian Sportsman, as the recipient of your FREE online digital Gift Subscription compliments of ___(Your Name)____. Periodically you will receive the latest edition chocked full of thought-provoking, human interest articles along with an intriguing cover article highlighting sportsmen of notable accomplishments. The Christian Sportsman magazine has been published since the year 2000 featuring on the cover such notable Christian sportsmen as Charlie Daniels, Chuck Buck, Matt McPherson, Phil Robertson, Hank Parker, Jimmy Houston, Steve Chapman, Darryl Worley, etc.

The publication provides you with more than great hunting and fishing stories. The magazine takes you into the private lives of those sportsmen who live from the heart, are real, practical, down to earth … those who know how the read the seasons and know how to read sign when searching for the truth.

Perhaps you also have family members, neighbors or friends who would appreciate a complimentary Gift Subscription personally from you. If so, please contact CSF Headquarters at 770.772.6749.


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Adventure to a Higher Level !


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