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Many churches desiring to launch an effective outdoors ministry have contacted CSF Headquarters wanting to start an outreach for the purpose of engaging sportsmen within their local community. As a resource team for the local church since 1994, CSF has discovered events and projects that are proven in establishing effective men’s ministry. Men are looking for “Fellowship with Purpose”

An annual Sportsmen’s Banquet & Wild Game Tasting is a wonderful entry point for attracting sportsmen to the church but the process of building meaningful relationships requires a more comprehensive plan. Most Bible believing churches focus on three basic functions in fulfilling their mission:

Evangelism – Discipleship – and Missions

CSF terminology for this biblical mandate is:

Fellowship Together – Discover Christ – Become Passionate

Evangelistic and mission oriented outreach projects provide great excitement and are usually more visible. However, Discipleship is an equally essential component to the Bible believing church. The Great Commission is very clear in commanding the followers of Christ to “make disciples of all men”. CSF emphasizes Fellowship with Purpose to encourage effective follow up on all outdoors outreach events.

Realizing that an effective and ongoing outdoors ministry requires the concerted efforts of a committed core leadership team, CSF has developed a plan of discipleship that is modeled after the first century strategy used by Jesus Himself.

Just as He invested the personal resources of time, energy and focused prayer in the lives of twelve men, CSF has developed a plan to do the same. In our current day, we still see the fruits of His labor from two thousand years ago, as twelve ordinary men revolutionized the then-known world. Jesus greatly encouraged His disciples by stating that His followers would do even greater things than He had accomplished. Such empowerment then engaged His followers to begin to share their Christian faith with others. What an awesome adventure!

CSF encourages sportsmen to utilize a very simple metaphor called “Climbing Legacy Mountain” as a discipling track for men to follow in fulfilling the biblical mandate of the Great Commission.

Legacy Mountain


CSF uses the very appropriate metaphor of “Climbing Legacy Mountain” to communicate essential lifelong goals in becoming a follower of Jesus Christ then passing the Christian heritage down to the next generation. Climbing Legacy Mountain applies to an individual’s desire to grow spiritually as well as a group team who want to follow a discipling track together!

Climbing Legacy Mountain© – A discipling track to follow!

The four camps found on Legacy Mountain represent specific goals in the sportsman’s spiritual journey as he seeks to become a follower of Christ. The scriptural basis of such life transformation is outlined by Jesus and His followers, the true revolutionaries of their time!.

The mission of Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship then creates the infrastructure for scheduling various events and projects designed to reach men at each successive level of spiritual formation and eventually into becoming a Seasoned Sportsman.

As a resource team Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship presents a very simple approach that encourages men and their families to take adventure to a higher level while on the journey of life. Jesus Christ leads his followers toward spiritual formation while each participates in the disciple making process called … Climbing Legacy Mountain!

 Climbing Legacy Mountain

Discipling Plan

                                                                                                   Assault Camp 

                                                                  Guide Camp         Transformation

                              Equipping Camp          Leadership           (Come & Mentor)

    Base Camp   │         Identity                   (Come & Serve)        John 21:15-19

Adventure          (Come & Grow)               Luke 5:10-11

   (Come & See)         1 Peter 2:2-3   

    John 1:37-39

Since men seem to gain a more clear understanding through a logical flow or an organized sequence of events, the seasons of life are shown graphically in the “Climbing Legacy Mountain” discipling plan. Spiritual formation is not a prescribed formula or system for success. Spiritual formation is the process of understanding our true identity as a son or daughter of the Living God in following Jesus Christ wherever He may call us to serve.

 As the church we travel through life’s adventures, encounter trails and temptations, then discover that God works in and through us as his Trophies of Grace. We discover our purpose as a friend to God and a friend to our neighbor in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16) and the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:37).

Director of Chapter Development


A local CSF Chapter is especially needed in small to medium sized church fellowships who do not have adequate pastoral staff to plan and organize outreach events. Chapter formation serves as one of CSF’s resources that can help churches to engage the passions of sportsmen in the church based on the New Testament model established by Jesus’ original twelve disciples.

Chris Marley serves as our Director of Chapter Development. Chris is a man of great passion with God-given skills to help churches implement a very simple plan that will encourage, empower then engage sportsmen in effective outdoors ministry. His goal is to work closely with chapters who are effectively reaching sportsmen in their church communities then to encourage Regional Directors to duplicate these proven forums, projects and events in other church communities across this great nation and abroad.

Starting a Chapter


Click here to start a Magazine Ministry

Chapter Formation assists church leaders in utilizing practical tools designed to serve the needs of Christian sportsmen who want to make a difference in their homes, churches and communities for Jesus Christ. Preparations have been made to launch our annual Opening Day Membership Campaign by duplicating several proven initiatives already in place within prototype chapters of Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship. Chapters are now hosting monthly “Firesides” as cook-out events on farms and ranches or at homes of chapter members. Sportsmen’s Field Meetings using our CSF X-Treme Discipling Tools are then held in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, hunting lodges, etc. for the purpose of building lifelong relationships with others of like faith and passion. CSF’s custom-designed Seasoned Sportsmen Field Manual is used as a guide for discussion.

Most Christian men are convinced that they need to be engaged both in their families and local church. Men sometimes just need some practical tools and direction from those who are familiar with the process. Additional study courses of our X-Treme Discipleship Series will soon be unveiled that are designed to provide a simple and systematic plan for encouraging, empowering then engaging sportsmen in effective men’s ministry together.

When fully integrated into CSF’s Three Phase Fast Track Chapter Plan, members will begin to grow together in oneness of purpose and passion in fulfilling the Great Commission as we revolutionize our own church communities for Jesus Christ.Chapter Chartering Package

Chapter Communications


Since 1994, CSF has launched over 350 chapters in local churches with 125 currently operational within 35 states across the United States and almost 20,000 members. There are also members on three other continents. Our Chapter Department works very closely with Regional Directors to serve the needs of chapter leaders and churches within these local chapters.

Several technology accelerators built into the operations of CSF are utilized including:

Twice monthly radio show featuring Master Sportsmen and CSF “Best Practices” Training
Weekly Chapter leadership Tele-conferencing with CSF Headquarters
Chapter FACE Book training to maximize effective communication
Periodic Online F.I.R.E. Publications for leadership training & inspiration
Chapter Leadership magazine column in each edition of The Christian Sportsman
Periodic group leadership training for Regional and Chapter Directors
National Leadership Summit held in Atlanta, Georgia each fall

Several Regional Sportsmen’s Advance events have been scheduled for the purpose of introducing our 2015 theme, “Trophies of Grace”, as we are “Climbing Legacy Mountain”. The schedules are based on the geographic location of chapters most often in a format of a two day training conference held in conjunction with other CSF regional or statewide events.

2015 Regional Sportsmen’s Advance Schedule: Please contact CSF Headquarters for dates and locations.

In addition, CSF’s National Leadership Summit is being held at the Atlanta Marriott and the World Games venue at Wolf Creek Shooting Range each fall.


CSF’s approach to ministry as a “church-support” organization rather than a para-church ministry requires that the pastor of a local fellowship approve the doctrinal declaration then serves as the Chaplain before a charter can be established. Church leaders have whole-heartedly embraced our servant-leader approach and the proven resources provided through CSF including:

Roster of keynote Master Sportsmen who serve at chapter outreach events
Periodic magazine called The Christian Sportsman for broad communication
Variety of Membership levels for engaging the passions of sportsmen
Assigned Regional Director for providing guidance and assistance
Headquarters staff consisting of an Executive Director, Director of Chapter Development, Director of Operations, Administrator, IT Data Manager, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Managing Editor, and Marketing Director

International Advisory Board
Pastor Johnny Hunt, Dr. Bob Reccord, Dr. John Morgan, Dr. Paige Patterson, Evg. James Robison

Men especially identify together when joining a membership organization then taking ownership through the chapter concept. The focus on developing a core leadership team within the local church greatly assists church leaders in establishing a permanent outdoors ministry made up of Seasoned Sportsmen who serve others.

New Chapter Chartering Package (Optional)


CSF Headquarters has now introduced our “Bundled Resources” to the local church for meeting the need in building a strong chapter foundation. The all-new Chapter Chartering Package includes everything necessary to ensure success for your core leadership team in bringing together “Seasoned Sportsmen” who are ready to go the distance in reaching outdoorsmen for Christ.

Based on the premise that most church fellowships have very small budgets for men’s ministry, CSF has developed the Chapter Chartering Package to include twelve Chapter Charter Memberships. The core leaders of the chapter provide the necessary funding to launch and maintain an outdoors ministry within the church. The bundled resources are secured as outlined below.

FIRST STEP Your Chapter Notebook & Director’s Guide serves as your chapter’s manual for launching then guiding your chapter’s growth. CSF serves as your resource team in providing cutting edge ideas and innovative printed and digital materials for sustaining your ministry on a long term basis.

SECOND STEP Enlist at least twelve men, if not already secured, to form the core leadership team of CSF Members who will have the satisfaction of helping to launch and maintain your chapter as you unveil an outreach agenda then recruit coordinators for each event. Make sure to email the list of names and contact information to CSF Headquarters.

THIRD STEP Prepare a time line for scheduling your Fast Track Plan with CSF Headquarters to host a telephone conference for your key leaders for Phase One Leadership Training. Such foundational equipping will ensure that the team works well together.

After these three steps have been completed you may want to consider upgrading to a Support Level membership to help provide vital funding for CSF in serving other church communities. CSF’s goal is to build an international network of local church-based chapters.

Optional: Chapter Chartering Package: Twelve (12) Charter Membership Kits with new “Charter Member” cap, Fifty (50) copies of The Christian Sportsman magazine each edition, National Leadership Summit Registration for Chapter Director, CSF Display Banner, The Perfect Leader book, digital files for designing CSF Logo Sportswear & promotional materials and Chapter Ministry Planning Template for customization.

Each Charter Member also receives a subscription to The Christian Sportsman magazine and the satisfaction of knowing that he is a vital part in establishing the foundation for your church’s outdoors ministry. We look forward to serving alongside of you as a resource team for recommending Master Sportsman speakers and providing helpful tools for reaching sportsmen in your community.

Fast-Track Chapter Plan

Most Christian men will engage their passions in fulfilling the Great Commission if the plan is easy, spiritually profitable and fun. CSF chapter operations fit this need by offering not only a three step chartering process but also a three phase Fast-Track Chapter Launch Plan. This recommended three year plan is very simple and is proven to encourage, empower then engage sportsmen in effective outdoors ministry.

We have found that the primary need of most church leaders is to establish a track to run on that allows them to develop their outdoors ministry at their own pace, realizing that men are at various levels of growth and maturity. Church building projects along with the periodic transition of church staff members sometimes complicate the effective implementation of new outreach initiatives. We encourage men to wait upon God’s perfect timing in starting an outdoors ministry to serve as an extension of your church’s men’s ministry.

Leadership Phone Conferences

As part of our CSF Leadership Tele-Conferencing which is scheduled on Monday evenings, chapter leaders can stay informed and inspired to keep their chapter vibrant and effective. Such periodic training encourages chapter leaders to utilize the cutting-edge tools available through CSF Headquarters. Current topics include:

1. Establishing a three phase fast-track plan to lay the foundation of your chapter
by outlining a plan of effective outreach and future growth.
2. Our all new Seasoned Sportsman X-Treme Discipleship Series.
3. CSF Seasoned Sportsmen Monthly Fellowship

The conference call should extend approximately forty-five minutes. Richard Jordan and Chris Marley will conduct the call to expedite the presentation followed by comment from the participants.

This teleconferencing technique has been proven to serve as an excellent means for unveiling our new three-phased chapter launch plan referred to as CSF’s Fast-Track Chapter Plan. The plan helps church fellowships to build strategic focus. Our new chapter theme is “LEADERSHIP: The Ultimate Adventure” and is proving to assist chapters in setting their sights on both short and long term goals to reach sportsmen for Jesus Christ.

Please contact CSF Headquarters to order your introductory chapter information. He can also assist new chapters in making reservations and receiving the call-in phone number, access code and instructions. Thank you and we look forward to helping you serve and reach the sportsmen of your church and community.

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