Having it Both Ways

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Gary River CSF

I’ve always been a country boy at heart and even though I longed to leave in my high school years, there was something that drew me back to the humble surroundings of my country way of living. It’s not always easy balancing this lifestyle with progress. Continue reading

The Wind

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Wayne Galloway Resized 2 Honey Lake Plantation FL_opt_opt-3

Several years ago it was not unusual to make one or two trips per week to wade the Cherokee Lake. Late winter always proved to hold enough of the bass variety to keep me fishing even in the most extreme conditions. Continue reading

Passion for God Can Sustain the Heart

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Brown Bear Killed with Pocketknife

Alaska Sportsman Gene Moe spoke during a Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast in Anchorage, where he related a most remarkable story of how God can sustain the heart of a man even in the face of a Kodiak brown bear attack. The following illustration is very graphic but absolutely convincing. Continue reading

Ronald Reagan Tribute to Divine Intervention

Master Sportsman feature
President Reagan was a man of deep Christian faith as he led this country through some critical years of economic renewal and back to our Judeo/Christian roots. Please view the accompanying video if you would like to be inspired to join with me and approximately 67,000,000 fellow sportsmen (hunters, anglers & clay shooters) around the nation who continue to enjoy the bounty of God’s great outdoors in praying for the future of America. Continue reading