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Phil Robertson – The Duck Commander

Check out CSF Master Sportsman Video  Phil Robertson – The Duck Commander

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Excerpts from The Christian Sportsman magazine when Phil was featured on the front cover of the publication

Phil Robertson’s Story

I was not converted to Christ until I was twenty-eight then taught school for a few years. I have been a commode hugging drunk with the worst of them during the time of the sixties when I was still in college. I was immoral, smoked dope, got drunk, run, ripped, and fought. The sad news is that I did not even know what the gospel of Jesus was! I owned a beer joint at the time and recall a fella that come rolling by one day with a bible in his hand. I said, ‘Are you some kind of preacher?’ Continue reading

2014 TEAM CSF Summit

Nat.. Ldr. Summit

Leadership Training held in Michigan, Florida, Las Vegas, Texas, Montana, etc. is accented each year during the TEAM CSF Summit in Atlanta as we announce our upcoming annual theme and feature keynote speakers sure to thrill those in attendance!

October 10-11th, 2014 – Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel 

Friday – 8:00am – 5:00 pm   Saturday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

CSF Ministry Theme: Trophies of Grace!

Welcome to CSF’s annual leadership training for launching or enhancing your church outdoors ministry.

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