Send Your Missions Team to Alaska 2014

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Alaska Wilderness Missions

• Join Us in South Central Alaska to Experience CSF’s Mission/Construction Project

• August 15-22nd, 2014 … Camp week still accepting applications!

CLICK HERE  for 2015  Information

Partnering with existing Alaska Christian Youth Ministries remains the best way to impact the culture for Jesus Christ on a long term basis … Bringing Hope to the Next Generation of Alaska’s Youth! 

The need is great!     Alaska Youth Statistics     Alaska Youth Alcohol Abuse

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FREE Magazine Gift Subscription Ministry*


FREE Magazine Gift Subscriptions (Thanks to our CSF National Sponsors)

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The “first touch” introduction to effective outdoors men’s ministry within a local church can be found in The Christian Sportsman magazine. To facilitate that touch, your core men’s group can specify the names of family members and friends who would probably enjoy reading real life stories about faith, family and friends in the context of outdoor adventure. A growing variety of writers, who are themselves sportsmen, touch on an array of outdoors pursuits from hunting, fishing, or target shooting, to camping and hiking.

A Welcome Letter with a gift subscription to the online digital edition of the publication will be delivered into a friend’s in-box to receive each edition of the magazine on a regular basis.

The periodic publication is chocked full of interesting, thought-provoking stories sure to engage your men’s group in effective outreach to the community … Team Adventure for Your Ultimate Quest!


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Complimentary CSF Membership and FREE Digital Online Magazine


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CSF’s online digital magazine is delivered each month directly into your in-box. Chocked full of all kinds of human interest articles, the outdoors adventure stories about faith, family and friends are sure to encourage, equip, empower and engage you in discovering then developing a deep passion for Jesus Christ!

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America’s Millennial Culture Within Reach

Luncheon Seminar: “America‘s Millennial Culture Within Reach”                                  

Check out the latest edition of The Christian Sportsman magazine

You and your guests are cordially invited to attend an informative and innovative Anchorage luncheon seminar on the topic, “America’s Millennial Culture within Reach”!


Speaker:       Derryck McLuhan, Founder/Director of The CenterEdge         


Where:           Anchorage City Limits Music Cafe – Anchorage Lofts Hotel

239 West 4th Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501

When:            1:15 pm, Sunday, August 24th, 2014


Where:           Alaska Bible Institute

1295 Mission Rd | Homer, AK 99603  (907) 235-8648

When:            1:30 pm, Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Listen to The Christian Sportsman radio show with Derryck McLuhan

Many among America’s Millennial generation, “Twenty-Somethings”, have real questions about their search to know our Creator and the purpose of their lives in the context of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Oftentimes their questions are not answered, or even addressed within the traditional church program setting. So they are leaving the organized church at the rate of 2.5-3 million per year.

Based on extensive surveys, the Barna Group estimates that 80% of Millennials raised in church will be “disengaged” by the time they are 29. Some seek genuine Christian community elsewhere, but many leave their faith altogether. The most commonly proposed solution is to somehow entice these “Digital Reactionaries” back into church, but that is not effective. Baby-Boomer parents often find it difficult to communicate with their Millennial children, and “connecting” with them  in the typical church format is even more elusive. So how do we reach this wandering generation before it’s too late?

This is the question that Derryck McLuhan answers. Derryck is an authentic, accepting voice to Millennials, and has a gift for communicating tough truth with tough love in a way this new generation responds to. He has lived and ministered on four Continents, has mentored more than 300 pastors, trained 2000 missionaries, and established leadership development centers in several countries.

The CenterEdge ( is a gathering place for Millennials who are thirsty for Jesus, but disillusioned with church. It is an innovative movement that speaks Millennial-eze, and is building an outpost right in the middle of the primary Millennial hangout – cyberspace. The organization is partnering with CSF to serve as a resource for our members who want to reach their Millennial children, while CSF provides The CenterEdge with outreach and training opportunities.

In my own family, my 7 Millennial children do not want to be force-fed the Christian faith that I have learned and accepted over the years. Benjamin (21), for example, wants to start with a clean slate and build his own beliefs based on God’s revelation of unconditional love and acceptance. And I now support him! God’s grace is always previous to our response! Richard Jordan – President,  CSF, Int’l.

So join us on August 24th for this inspiring event!

MORE INFO:  The Center Edge 

Luncheon Tickets – $18 each   (Limited Complementary Tickets Available)

Call 770.335.1814 for information or group discounts. Pastors or church leaders who bring five guests receive complimentary luncheon ticket.

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