Mentoring is a Process for Life

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Master Sportsman feature by Gary Miller –

For men who have been a Christian for some time, we need to realize that we have a responsibility to mentor those who are new in the faith. Jesus spent time with 12 men and one of them became a deserter. But the remaining 11 original disciples changed the world. I think this is still the best process. We’re focusing too much on the masses and too little on one small group at a time. I have found that I function best as a mentor when the environment is men-friendly and when I can show that Christian men are still men in the truest sense of the term.

• Going Deeper in friendships with fewer equals greater kingdom impact

• Real men are transparent with their lifelong friends

• If a man has 10 to 12 close friends during his lifetime then he is truly blessed

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Friends Even During the Storm



Master Sportsman feature by Gary Miller

I can remember a hunting trip to Alabama that went awry. We got kicked out of camp by the new owners. (We didn’t know it had been sold) For about a week we jumped from hotel to hotel and from property to property trying to salvage our hunt. What a storm we kicked up that weekend! Nobody killed a deer, but the bonds that were made among our group still exist to this day.

• Jesus would “hang out” with his small band of followers even in the middle of the storm while fishing

• The parents of Jesus were denied lodging because there was no room but God provided a warm stable

• The shared experiences in following the Master bonded the disciple’s friendship forever

The Christian Sportsman magazine “Building Lifelong Friendships”

Black Lab Wags His Tail and Not His Tongue!



Master Sportsman feature by Gary Miller

I really enjoy Hank’s Kingdom Dogs. As you know, dogs really do speak to this subject of friendship. I once heard a person say, “Do you know why a dog is man’s best friend? It’s because he wags his tail and not his tongue.”  I think part of friendship involves the ability to maintain the confidences men share with one another. I wish the tongue was as easy to train as a good Lab.


The Strut and the Rut

Master Sportsman Feature

Strut & Rut Resized

by Edgar Pierce

You have seen them, the bachelor groups and flocks of jakes and toms running together. They band together in as close friendship groups as possible, and then…the strut and the rut come in. Continue reading