2021 Greatland Alaska Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast

Great Alaska Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast

J.D. Duncan is serving as the keynote Master Sportsman for the Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, May 1st, 2021, at 8:00 am during the Kenai Peninsula Sport, Rec & Trade Show held at the Soldotna Sports Center.  REGISTER

Sportsmen enjoy hearing great outdoor adventure stories from fellow sportsmen about hunting & fishing. J.D. is a great storyteller and has some trophy mounts to prove it! , Bear, sheep and moose along with almost every species of Alaska fish has been harvested over his 35+ years of living in Greatland Alaska. . 

J.D. serves as the Chaplain over all thirteen prisons across the State of Alaska and has a growing network of volunteer staff who bring hope into the lives of thousands of inmates and their families.

J.D. has serves as pastor of Peninsula Christian Center in Soldotna for over 26 years prior to accepting his most recent assignment with the Alaska Prison System. He remains a family man as husband to Rena and has two daughters!


The Kenai Peninsula Association of Realtors hosts the spring event each year where booth exhibits bring the public out to preview new and innovative products and services for avid sportsmen and newcomers alike. http://www.kenaisportshow.com/


Hosted by Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship, an international outreach to sportsmen and their families, the event is sure to be sold out at $10 per ticket (Suggested Contribution) which includes the keynote presentation, hearty breakfast and fellowship with other outdoorsmen who are committed to:

Conservation Management – Responsible Ethics – and our Christian Heritage

CSF, International launched the Alaska Wilderness Mission in 1998, and has since coordinated over 300 father/son (daughter) teams to assist Alaska youth camps and Christian colleges by providing labor and building materials for ten separate construction sites in … Bringing Hope to the Next Generation of Alaska’s Youth!

 For advance reservations call CSF Headquarters in Anchorage at 770.335.1814

2014 TEAM CSF Summit

Nat.. Ldr. Summit

Leadership Training held in Michigan, Florida, Las Vegas, Texas, Montana, etc. is accented each year during the TEAM CSF Summit in Atlanta as we announce our upcoming annual theme and feature keynote speakers sure to thrill those in attendance!

October 10-11th, 2014 – Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel 

Friday – 8:00am – 5:00 pm   Saturday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

CSF Ministry Theme: Trophies of Grace!

Welcome to CSF’s annual leadership training for launching or enhancing your church outdoors ministry.

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Seasons of Friendship


 Edgar Pierce Trusting Friendships Resized2_opt_opt

by Edgar Pierce

You have seen them, the bachelor groups and flocks of jakes and toms running together. They band together in as close friendship groups as possible, and then…the strut and the rut come in. The spring is filled with gobbles and birds that want to bash the other suitors of the hens heads in. The fall is filled with rattling horns and shoving matches to exert dominance and breeding rights. These males who were running partners just a few weeks and days before now are aggressive toward each other. They do not trust each other.

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True Friends are Accepting


Alaska 2011 Resized 674_opt

Master Sportsman feature by Gary miller

I’m not sure there is a more appealing characteristic of God for men, than that of a friend. Of all the relationships that men can have with other men, there’s no other relationship that exudes a sense of acceptance like the one that comes from a true friend. I can screw up and a friend will still accept me. I can whine and he will listen. I can laugh and even brag and he will both laugh and allow me to wallow in my pride (with limits).

• Calling someone a friend carries an extraordinary amount of encouragement

• Not many bonds come with so much to offer than that of a friend

• Acceptance is a key characteristic of friendship

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Mentoring is a Process for Life

Alaska 2011 Resized 586_opt_opt

Master Sportsman feature by Gary Miller –

For men who have been a Christian for some time, we need to realize that we have a responsibility to mentor those who are new in the faith. Jesus spent time with 12 men and one of them became a deserter. But the remaining 11 original disciples changed the world. I think this is still the best process. We’re focusing too much on the masses and too little on one small group at a time. I have found that I function best as a mentor when the environment is men-friendly and when I can show that Christian men are still men in the truest sense of the term.

• Going Deeper in friendships with fewer equals greater kingdom impact

• Real men are transparent with their lifelong friends

• If a man has 10 to 12 close friends during his lifetime then he is truly blessed

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