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When sportsmen get together, especially big game hunters, their discussion often leads to the question, “Is your name in the Record Book?” Many outdoorsmen will invest a lifetime in pursuit of having their names recorded in such books as the Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young registries. It has been said that the probability of such an honor is at least one in a million.


F – Friends through Fellowship
I – Interest around Common Goals
R – Relationships that are built to last
E – Evangelize as God Opens the Door

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Priorities: Bringing Pleasure to the Heart of God

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The winter season is a great time of the year for the Christian sportsman. Even though many regions have closed their harvest seasons for the year, some hunting and fishing areas remain open for various species of game animals and sport fishing. For the avid outdoorsman this is the only prompting necessary for him to continue in his quest to find pleasure while enjoying the thrill of outdoor pursuits. Continue reading

Vision For The Future

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Vision relates to passion and the personal skills set necessary to accomplish a given mission. What is God’s vision for your life personally? Or have you ever really thought much about understanding God’s vision for your life? The scripture states, “Without a vision my people perish”.

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Ronald Reagan Tribute to Divine Intervention

Master Sportsman feature
President Reagan was a man of deep Christian faith as he led this country through some critical years of economic renewal and back to our Judeo/Christian roots. Please view the accompanying video if you would like to be inspired to join with me and approximately 67,000,000 fellow sportsmen (hunters, anglers & clay shooters) around the nation who continue to enjoy the bounty of God’s great outdoors in praying for the future of America. Continue reading