2015 David Livingstone Award

Craig Boddington (L) presents David Livingstone award to Matt McPherson (C) along with Richard Jordan

Craig Boddington (L) presenting award to Matt McPherson (C) pictured with Richard Jordan

2015 David Livingstone Award

Presented to Matt McPherson of Mathews Archery, Inc. – God’s Trophy of Grace

In the mid eighteenth century when medical missionary David Livingstone selflessly served the native people of central Africa, he finished the final season of his life’s mission in a seemingly obscure and remote village where he was called to care for the sick as his part in fulfilling the Great Commission. He invested time, talent and personal resources in bringing the hope of Christ’s salvation to a seemingly forgotten tribe who lived in the dark jungles of the African continent.

Upon death his instructions were to cut his heart out of his chest then bury it in the village where he served among those whom he loved and ministered. Livingstone’s body was then transported back to London, England for interment at Westminster Abbey cathedral. This giant of a man was an avid big game hunter and a true Trophy of Grace, a wonderful example for many to follow.

Since 1977, Christian Sportsmen’s Foundation has presented to a worthy recipient the David Livingstone award as an acknowledgement of notable contributions made around the world in keeping with the generous and resolute commitment exemplified by the life and calling of the man whose name the bronze award bears. Certainly, God honors those who serve Him John 12: 26b

Matt McPherson of Mathews Archery, the largest bow manufacturer in the world, was nominated then chosen as the 2015 recipient on the basis of the unwavering commitment of he and his wife, Sherry, to support over 700 Christian missionaries and their families monthly who serve on foreign soil around the world. A large portion of the profits from the sale of archery equipment at Mathews is allocated to fulfilling the Great Commission in a very practical way. Matt recently commented in an interview with The Christian Sportsman magazine that some Christians are sent to the missionary field while others are called to support with their prayers and financial underwriting.

God has certainly gifted Matt McPherson with many innovative archery bow designs, most notable the Single-Cam Technology now adopted by other leading bow manufacturers. The most recent innovation from Mathews is the brand new  “No-Cam” Bow introduced to the archery community in 2015.

Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship has now hosted over seventy Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfasts on the national and international levels since 1996, where the bronze David Livingstone Award has been presented to Christian Sportsmen including:

  1. General Joe Foss  – Two term NRA president, two term South Dakota Governor, Campus Crusade for Christ board member and recipient of the U.S., Congressional Medal of Honor
  2. James Robison – Host of Life Today television show and founder of Life Outreach International, a third world relief organization
  3. Don Stephens – Founder of Mercy Ships porting in third world countries providing medical care through a fleet of floating hospitals
  4. Pat Robertson – Founder of Christian Broadcasting Network and Operation Blessing who has provided over $1 billion of medical and food relief around the world
  5. Paige Patterson – President of Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary where thousands of pastors and missionaries are trained then commissioned to nations around the world.
  6. Glyn Bindon – Founder of Trijicon, Inc., developer of fiber optic technology for aiming solutions including self-luminous, tritium scopes, binoculars, and archery bow sights. Numerous missionary efforts are supported overseas along with several Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfasts hosted in conjunction with outdoors conservation and 2nd Amendment Rights organizations.

Other recipients have been medical practitioners and outdoors industry leaders who have served in various missionary capacities in bringing the hope of Jesus Christ in fulfilling the Great Commission.

The David Livingstone Award was presented during the Dallas Sportsmen’s Prayer Breakfast on January 17th, 2015. More info

Please contact Christian Sportsmen’s Foundation at csf@christiansportsman.com to submit a nomination for a future recipient of the David Livingstone Award and/or support the Christian Sportsmen’s Foundation in perpetuating the tradition of honoring Christian leaders who remain at the forefront of fulfilling the Great Commission of world evangelism and discipleship.



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